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Business lessons from my one year old son

A couple of weeks ago my eleven and a half month old son completely opened my eyes up to the future. He was sitting on my wife’s lap and with a smooth and easy gesture, swiped his thumb across my wife’s iPhone to unlock it. We couldn’t believe our eyes so we locked the phone again… and again he swiped his thumb and unlocked it. So a child who can’t yet say more than a few words, is already interacting with technology in a sophisticated manner. It seemed like such an innocent moment, but what it reminded me was significant. Time changes quickly and future generations are going to be very different than current generations on many different levels.
As a business leader in this market, I need to keep this concept in mind as we help businesses maximize the value they get from their digital signage initiatives. The key concepts at the heart of the SmarterSign philosophy are Flexible, Intuitive and Transparent. These core values will help to ensure our system users can meet the needs of the coming generations. Here’s how…


As consumers become more savvy and more ingrained in the use of technology, their expectations become more significant. Flexibility in terms of the tools and methods for creating and controlling digital signage is critical to keeping up with this demand. SmarterSign Manager is a cloud based management platform built on an extremely flexible architecture. This enables SmarterSign to move quickly toward the needs of the market and the opportunities of our clients. The approach also allows us to deploy new features in much shorter cycles. In some cases, we can build, test and deploy new features in a matter of days. This type of flexibility and speed is what the market demands, to meet the expectations of consumers.


Just as my son swiping his thumb across the iPhone, technology needs to be intuitive and easy to use. SmarterSign prides itself on having the easiest to use platform on the market. Typical users can learn the system in 15 minutes with just a basic understanding of computer applications. We achieve this through readily recognizable user interface metaphors, and a highly interactive and visual management environment. Many people have commented that SmarterSign Manager is very “Apple” like. This of course is a great compliment, and something that we strive to improve all the time.


This last principal is a very important one. As technology becomes more and more sophisticated, it also needs to become more and more transparent. Technology shouldn’t feel complicated and obtrusive. Interaction with technology should feel like just a normal easy part of your day. From a consumer point of view, digital signage should feel comfortable and consistent with the surroundings. To achieve this, the design of content should be on the same level as print and broadcast media. At SmarterSign we have gone to great lengths to provide easy to use but powerful design tools to enable businesses to achieve this.


So at not even one year old, and already using an iPhone… what will two and three and four years look like? I will just have to let you know.

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