Digital Signage and Corporate Communication

In today’s fast-paced and interconnected world, effective internal communication is crucial for the success of any organization. As businesses grow and expand, the need for efficient communication tools becomes more apparent. Corporate office digital signage is one such tool that allows businesses to simplify their communication. Incorporating digital signage into your internal communication strategy can … Read more

10 Tips for Designing an Effective Digital Menu Board

In the age of digitalization, restaurants, cafes, and other businesses in the food service industry are switching from traditional menu displays to dynamic, visually appealing digital menu boards. Not only do these interactive displays modernize your establishment, but they can also streamline your operations, boost sales, and improve customer satisfaction. However, creating an effective digital … Read more

The Digital Drive Thru Revolution: Harnessing Technology for Improved Efficiency and Experience

The era of traditional drive-thru experiences is being replaced by an innovative paradigm—the Digital Drive Thru. This concept is redefining restaurant operations and customer interactions, fostering improved efficiency and enhanced experiences. With more and more business being “driven” through the drive thru, a shift to digital will help improve your business in many ways. The … Read more

Make Digital Menu Boards Great

If your restaurant has been using digital menu boards for awhile, great!  Most likely, you’ve already seen a return on your investment.  One of the benefits of digital menu boards is the ability to test ideas quickly and see the impact on your profit and sales. Experts from Technomic & editors from RestaurantBusinessOnline recently outlined 7 restaurant … Read more