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Design Tips for Digital Menu Boards

Now that you’ve made the commitment to digital menu boards, you should follow best practices for good design.  No designer on staff?  No problem.  SmarterSign provides clients with hundreds of professionally designed templates to make your digital menu boards designs come to life.

In addition to our templates, here are some suggestions when designing your menu boards.

Create your Digital Menu Board Strategy

To maximize the success of your digital signage, take the time to answer some important questions – it will help you stay focused on your strategy as you develop your design. Who is your audience – does it skew young or older, family or single? How does the design need to adapt to accommodate that audience? Where will the menu boards be placed – above the cashier, drive-thru, or in your window to attract customers? Will the screens be portrait or landscape? What are the key metrics that will impact your success – an increase in sales of promotional items, increase in check size?   Answering these questions and testing your design will greatly increase your success.

Create a Visual Hierarchy

Smartersign has developed the Prominence Pyramid to help businesses define a visual hierarchy to their content.  It’s a simple exercise to divide the content and design requirements based on the impact of your bottom line.  It will help you when designing your digital menu boards and keep you focused on your profitable items. You can read more about our Prominence Pyramid and download our whitepaper on Creating Value with Digital Menu Boards.

DIgital Menu Board Design Guide

Stay true to your brand

Your digital menu boards should be a reflection of your brand. Think about the colors, font, and imagery you use across your physical location and have that represented on your digital menus. Remember some basics of good design – don’t overcrowd your design and give your content some space. It will make your menu boards easier to read.

Design for Digital

Keep customers engaged in your menu boards by adding movement. Bring imagery to life by adding animation, rotating graphics, and feeds like news, weather, and local events. Instead of your customers staring at their phones while waiting in line, have them engaged in your content.  Feeds are a great way to display content and keep customers engaged in your menu boards.  You can tie your menu items to those feeds. For example, promote ice cream on days that are particularly hot…promote coffee/tea on cold days.  See the impact on your sales.



Stand Back and Step into the Shoes of Your Customer


Now that you’ve taken a first pass at your design, stand back and look at your menu boards.  What stands out?  Are the items easy to read?  Now’s the time to circle back to your digital menu board strategy and make sure you’ve designed for the right audience and have prioritized items based on your key metrics.  You’ve got a great opportunity to continue to refine your design without any additional cost.  Make sure you’ve taken the time to review details – font, size, imagery, spelling – before you publish.  Spend time reviewing, but don’t get into “analysis paralysis” where you spend weeks refining a design.  You’re digital!  Your design should be a work in progress.  Test new ideas, add new promotions, rearrange the order – and see what positively impacts your profit.


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