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Digital Signage, A Revolution in Communication?

Once again we are seeing a revolution in how consumers are interacting with information. This revolution is taking place out in the open with the growing use of  Digital Signs.

During the past 30 years we have seen several revolutions in the way consumers interact with information. The personal computer changed the way we manage, store and control information in our homes. The Internet changed the way we find and share information in our homes, and now on the go with our mobile devices. The new revolution is Digital Signage. Look around the places you eat, shop, sleep and play and you will see it all around you.

So how significant is it as a communication medium? For businesses with brick and mortar locations it is monumental. Never before has a medium enabled businesses to modify their Point of Purchase (POP) communications in real time. This allows businesses to evaluate the moment-to-moment changes in business environment and maximize their communication based on the opportunities that present themselves.

Let’s look at the example of the seafood department in a supermarket. With seafood, the products on the shelf need to move quickly or they run the risk of spoilage. If the products spoil, the inventory hits the cost side of the balance sheet, but never hits the revenue side. If the seafood department can minimize this spoilage, they are helping to maximize profits. If for example, the seafood department knows that they may be at risk of spoilage for Salmon, they can quickly put up a beautiful picture of salmon on their Digital Sign. In addition, maybe they can put a recipe for an appetizing salmon dish and where in the market to find the additional ingredients. With this example, the seafood department is not only minimizing loss through spoilage. They are also up-selling to additional products in the market and increasing revenue.

With the new tools that are now available for managing Digital Signs, businesses can make these changes in seconds and take advantage of these opportunities with little effort. As the technology and businesses get more sophisticated, these kinds of communication changes can be done automatically through business rules. They will become the perfect medium for helping businesses and consumers in ways that we can’t even yet imagine.

In future articles I will explore additional areas where Digital Signage is changing the way we communicate in a revolutionary manner.

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