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Digital Signage Dictionary

Digital Sign

Any display or display device that shows content that is created and distributed on a schedule through a variety of techniques. Usually a digital sign consists of a display (LCD, LED, Projector etc...) and a computer running software the controls the playback of content. A digital sign can be everything from a small digital display outside a conference room to a large digital billboard on the side of the highway.

Also goes by... Digital Reader Board, Digital Menu Board, Digital Billboard and many more.

Digital Signage Player

The hardware and/or software that controls the playback of content on a digital sign. Often this consists of a computer (varying in size) and software that plays the scheduled content on one or more displays. Some digital signage players have a built in CMS (Content Management System) and scheduling tools. Some digital signage players communicate with a separate CMS that can be either server based or cloud-based. The most popular operating systems running on digital signage players are Windows, Android and Linux.

Also goes by... Media Player, Player, Small Form-Factor PC, Industrial PC, Commercial PC


Digital Out Of Home is a category of digital signage that primarily describes advertising based distribution on a digital signage network. These networks can include location based advertising (such as in shopping malls) and digital billboards.


A pre-designed and usually editable piece of content that can be used in a digital signage network. Usually the content is either mission specific (Digital Menu Board, Promotion, etc...) and can have varying levels of possible levels of customization depending on the digital signage platform. To see some examples check out templates from the SmarterSign LIBRARY.