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Dollar signs on your menus could be costing you money

When designing a restaurant menu for a QSR, Fast Casual or any other type of restaurant, there are many things to consider. One of the things that restaurants may never think of as important, is how to display their prices. A study done at Cornell University School of Hotel Administration, shows why this can be a costly mistake.

The study shows how the difference of whether to use a $ symbol in your prices can dramatically impact consumer behavior. So what exactly did the study show and how could this impact your business? The study tested the consumer spending behavior in terms of total check price and spending per cover. The three formats tested were with a $ symbol ($10.00), numeric only (10.00) and written out (ten dollars). The average spend per person was noticeably different between the groups with the numeric only format edging out the other formats by a little over 8%. When you think about an 8% difference in total spending behavior, it might make you think twice about how you format your menu.

Change and Profit

For those of you reading this article who have traditional menu boards and use the $ symbol, you should call your printer right away and get your menus reprinted. You do have another alternative, and that is to make the switch to digital menu boards and have the ability to make these kinds of changes in minutes. Using SmarterSign Digital Signage Software, you would be able to make this change to your menus in less than the time it takes to read this article.

So if a simple change such as whether or not to use a $ symbol can be substantive to your revenue, what else can be? There are many things that can impact consumer behavior and these give you the ability to find those triggers quickly and easily. When we talk with our clients about the use of digital menu boards, we often describe this technology as a tool that enables iteration. By this we mean that you can experiment with various aspects of your menu to truly maximize your revenue and guide your customers behavior.

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