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SmarterSign Reseller Program

Interested in Reselling SmarterSign?

SmarterSign is actively looking for new resellers throughout the world. If you believe that you have a complimentary business, a market with digital signage needs or you are interested in expanding your offering, please contact us with the form below.

What is the Opportunity?

Becoming a reseller of SmarterSign Digital Signage products is a great way to enhance your current offering and create a significant revenue opportunity. We work closely with our reseller partners to support every aspect of the sales process. SmarterSign also offers a variety of ways you can work with us as a digital solutions reseller to make sure you can quickly and efficiently begin selling. Your revenue opportunities include the following:

  • Reseller margin on all SmarterSign products and services
  • Value added services such as installation, design and consulting
  • Annuity revenue for ongoing service and support

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    Flexible Reseller Models

    SmarterSign has a diverse reseller program with options to fit nearly any business. Whether you are new to Digital Signage or have deep experience... SmarterSign can work with you to bring your customers the very best digital signage solution.

    Level 1 - Sales Partner

    As a Sales Partner, you will provide sales opportunities, and SmarterSign will provide the rest. This model allows you to offer your clients the very best digital signage solutions while leaving all of the expertise and support to us. SmarterSign will provide a full-service offering, working closely with both you and your client to ensure the highest quality delivery of digital signage solutions.

    • Perfect for companies who want to add digital signage as a revenue stream but want a hands-off approach.
    • SmarterSign provides all components of digital signage initiatives.

    Level 3 - Full-Service Partner

    The Full Service Partner model allows businesses to deploy a complete end-to-end SmarterSign system to their clients. Participating at this level requires an in-depth knowledge of the SmarterSign system and all of the components of digital signage deployments. SmarterSign will provide software licenses and the hosted platform. You will provide the rest.

    • This model provides the highest margins for resellers who can delivery all aspects of digital signage but need a platform.
    • SmarterSign provides software, hosted management tools and reseller support.

    Level 2 - Collaborative Partner

    The Collaborative Partner approach provides businesses with the opportunity to provide as
    many of the components of each initiative that they can. This approach allows our partner to increase margins as they become more skilled in digital sigange deployments. SmarterSign will fill in the gaps to provide a complete delivery model and work with the reseller to increase their delivery skills.

    • Designed for companies who want to grow a digital signage business, and expand participation as skills expand.
    • SmarterSign and reseller collaborate on delivery of digital signage.