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Serving up high-value Digital Menu Boards… One location at a time

In a recent article on about the value of digital menu boards, the number one benefit of this type of solution was centralized control of content. It is this very category that SmarterSign leads the market and gives business operators exactly what they need. The whole mission of SmarterSign has always been to provide the easiest to use tools for any size business. With more than 65% of SmarterSign’s clients using the system for Digital Menu Boards, this mission is clearly being achieved in the food service industry. Typical changes can be made in a matter seconds, whether you have one restaurant or thousands.

Ease of Use

The primary day-to-day users of the SmarterSign system are actual business operators. The main reason for this is how easy SmarterSign is to use. Whether you are a Mom and Pop or a multi-national franchise, you still need to control your message. With SmarterSign’s cloud based tool SmarterSign Manager, logging in and taking control can be done from anywhere. The What You See Is What You Get (“WYSIWYG”) tools give business operators a clear and easy way to make updates with confidence.

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The Whole Enchilada

As far as value creation goes, SmarterSign doesn’t just stop with the number one value. In fact, we are helping customers with each of the top 12. We consistently receive phone calls from clients with great stories of how our menu boards have transformed their business. All of the top 12 value creation concepts can easily be achieved using SmarterSign, and our clients all over the world are the proof.

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"The Complete Guide To Digital Menu Boards"

We share our 15 years of digital menu board expertise in this easy to understand guide. We walk you through everything involved with going digital so you can make a informed decisions and avoid common mistakes. 

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