SmarterSign Direct Installation Instructions

The following links will allow you to download and install the two applications included in the SmarterSign Direct Release 1.0. Please note that they need to be installed on different computers in order to work.

If you have any questions or experience any issues with this software, please contact us at directsupport@smartersign.com

Important!!! If you are currently running previous versions of the Applications you will need to uninstall them. Please see Removing Previous Versions of SmarterSign Direct before installing these applications.

Installation Requirements for Both Applications

  • You will need to have the latest version of Windows 10 on both devices. You should be on at least Windows 10.0.14393. You can check this by typing “System Information” in Cortana.
  • You will need to set your computer to Developer mode (type “developer” into Cortana to find these settings).
  • You will need to turn SmartScreen off. To do this type “smartscreen” in Cortana and click “Change SmartScreen settings”. On that window you will see a link on the left that reads “Change Windows SmartScreen settings”. Click this link and select the bottom option.

SmarterSign Direct – Management Application (updated 01/24/17)

Download Installer (large file 381MB)

The SmarterSign Direct Manager application should be installed on a desktop or laptop machine.

SmarterSign Direct – Player Application (updated 11/30/16)

Download Installer

The SmarterSign Direct Player should be installed on a second generation Intel Compute Stick.

Known Issues or Functional Limitations

  • There are currently no licenses distributed for this application.  You will not be able to connect a SmarterSign Player without a license.
  • Currently there are no templates or help in Spanish

Release Notes

SmarterSign Direct Release Notes – January 24, 2017
SmarterSign Direct Release Notes – November 30, 2016

System Requirements

  • You will need to update or make sure your version of Windows is current. This application uses Wi-Fi Direct and Microsoft continues to improve the Wi-Fi Direct API. This application takes advantage of these improvements