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Drag and Drop Widgets

The SmarterSign application provides you with a wide range of drag-and-drop design widgets to bring your content to life. The listing below describes each of these design widgets. Click on the title to find out more about each widget and how to use them.
Text Widget
This widget will allow you to add, edit and style text content as part of your composition. You have complete control over the font/typeface, style, size, alignment, line and letter spacing.
List Widget
Creating list based content such as a menu or a schedule is easy with this widget. Simply design the way you want your rows to look and quickly copy them to create a beautiful list.
Slide Show Widget
This widget allows you to create animated content directly within your design. Drag the Slide Show widget onto your design and some or all of your content with a wide range of animated transitions.
SmarterMedia Widget
The SmarterMedia widget allows you to add drag-and-drop zones in your designs that enable quick and easy replacement of images in your templates. The drag-and-drop zone will automatically scale, constrain and rotate any media you drop on top of it.
Time and Date Widgets
Add customizable date and time to your designs with these widgets. You can display both the date and time in a wide range of formats and customize the font/typeface size and style of this content.
Countdown/up Widgets
This widget allows you to add and customize countdown and countup clocks. You can set these to countup or countdown for a specific date or have a looping countdown that can be used as a timer.
Shape Widgets
Add and customize a wide range of shapes to your designs. Shapes can be scaled, colorized and more. These are very useful design widgets for creating all different types of layouts.

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