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This document is for a legacy product that has been discontinued

This is documentation for SmarterSign Direct which has been discontinued.  For support of all other current products, visit

Welcome To SmarterSign

SmarterSign is an easy-to-use and very powerful digital signage solution. This overview will provide you with an understanding of the primary components of the system and how the applications work together.


There are two primary components to the SmarterSign system: SmarterSign Manager (the application you use to manage every aspect of your digital signage), and SmarterSign Player (the computer and software that controls your display).


This is the application that you use to manage and control every aspect of your digital signage. All of your content creation and scheduling is done in this application. From this application you can publish your scheduled content to any SmarterSign Player licensed to your system. Note – You must be within proximity of the Wi-Fi of the SmarterSign Player to publish any changes.


This consists of a computer (dedicated to controlling the display) with our SmarterSign Player software installed. This computer is hooked directly to the display(s) with video cables. The SmarterSign Manager application communicates with the SmarterSign Player application using the built-in Wi-Fi capabilities of both machines. You do not need to be connected to the Internet. You do need to be within proximity of the wireless capabilities of both machines (within 50 feet/15 meters).

Within SmarterSign Manager, you will find that are three easy to understand sections :Home, Programs , and Schedules. Clicking the tabs at the top of the screen can access each of these sections.


From the HOME tab, you’ll be able to create designs using one of our hundreds of customizable templates or from scratch. The top left of the HOME tab will show you the SmarterSign Players that are available to your network. The top section will provide you with quick links into your recently edited content. The bottom right of the HOME tab will provide you with links into tutorials and other self-help content.


The PROGRAMS section of the application will allow you to build your content or presentations using a What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) environment and a combination of drag-and-drop Assets and Widgets. SmarterSign provides a rich and easy way to create engaging digital signage content.


Once you are done creating your PROGRAMS, you’ll need to get your content onto your screens.  The SCHEDULES tab will allow you to quickly schedule and publish your creations to your screen.

Any time you have a question, you can always access this knowledge base by clicking on the “?” link in the upper right hand corner of the application.

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