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For most of you it took a lot of hard work and elbow grease to get your business off the ground. Often spending late nights burning the candle at both ends, making critical decisions on budgets and staff, and pouring everything you have into making it a success. Your business is your baby and your dream. Why then when it comes to connecting with your customers through digital signage and digital menu boards would you ever want to remove yourself from that process? Why would you ever want to have to try to convey your ideas, your thoughts and the overall feel you are looking to create through a third party running your system?

Depending on who you speak with there are different reasons a third party may be required or suggested. Certain companies have developed some great digital solutions, but in order to get the full desired effect and functionality from their product a third party is required. Those third parties are the only ones trained and familiar with the advanced techniques and programs required to operate their system. If you expand your digital system with these companies an upgrade to a more robust system may be required. This upgrade will not only include the new displays you are planning on adding, but will also include the current displays already up and running. A new third party who is familiar with the new system and programs will also be required to effectively operate the new platform. All of this increasing your total cost of ownership.

Other companies have decided on business models which rely heavily on the addition of services. This type of model may offer an extremely low set up fee but charges for updates, edits and additions to your digital signage and menu boards.

SmarterSign has taken that worry off the table and placed the power and control in the hands of the business owner. For this reason SmarterSign has helped a large number of companies convert from their current complicated and expensive platforms to an easier less expensive solution. Decision makers see that SmarterSign’s digital solutions bring the individual business owner face to face with their customers, placing the operating power directly in their lap. Business owners personally create a message they know their customers will relate to. The simplicity of the system allows them to test price points, LTOs, and product placement quickly and easily without having to consult and coordinate with an administrator. Location managers can be granted specific permissions or denied permissions when it comes to changing price points or LTOs depending on market conditions. The power truly lies with the business owner on how they want to deploy and maintain their systems.

About the Author

Gregg Zinn
Gregg co-founded SmarterSign in 2006. As CEO of SmarterSign, he has one mission of putting business owners in complete control of their digital signage. He has been creating innovative technology solutions for almost 30 years for some of the biggest brands in the world. After all these years, still loves the thrill of doing something new and great.


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