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Digital Signage Software that puts you in complete control

Content Creation Tools That Make You A Digital Signage Pro

Digital Signage Software Content Management System

Easy Design Tools Help You Create Beautiful Digital Signage Content

Within minutes even a complete novice can create impactful digital signage. In fact, most users of the system have little or no design or technical background.

Our drag-and-drop editor lets you quickly get your message across

Design Elements – Text, Lists, Animated SlideShows, Shapes, and more…

Images and Video – Upload your own media with unlimited storage

Live Data – Weather, Stocks, RSS, POS Integration, External Data, and more…

Interactive – Create your own touchscreen application directly in the system

Digital Signage Templates for all your communication needs

Not a designer? No worries. SmarterSign includes hundreds of fully customizable templates to meet your needs. Simply select the template of your choice, customize the content and send it to your screens. Our professional designers have created beautiful starting points for you. It couldn’t be easier.

Digital Signage Templates

Digital Signage Scheduling to show content when and where you want it

Digital Signage Scheduler

Automate Digital Signage content changes with simple but powerful scheduling tools

One of the greatest benefits of digital signage is the ability to display the right content at the right time. Your business opportunities change over time and your communications should take advantage of these changes.

Two unique schedulers included to cover all of your scheduling needs

Standard Scheduler – Create simple playlists of content that will show in the time and date range you want. You can even select the days you want the content to play.

Advanced Scheduler – Need a more robust approach to scheduling? Easily schedule content into slots of time that you can offer to individual clients or groups. This scheduler is particularly helpful if you are monetizing digital signage with advertising.

Digital Signage Software Playlist

Flexible Digital Signage playback options for your business

Digital Signage Player OS Options

Hardware and OS options for every size business and every budget

Not all businesses are the same and SmarterSign has solutions for your specific needs. With a wide range of options to choose from, you can be confident in your digital signage playback.

Windows – An industry standard with a wide range of hardware options

BrightSign – A leader in digital signage player hardware

Samsung Smart TV – The largest screen manufacturer in the world

Web Player – Any device with a Web browser option

Have your own player hardware? Not a problem!

Supercharge your existing hardware by switching to SmarterSign. If you have invested in hardware but need a better software solution, SmarterSign is here for you. Most companies can leverage their existing infrastructure but make the switch to a much better solution.

The best support team in the digital signage industry is here to help you

Our US Based Live Support team makes sure you never have to go it alone

Since the early days of SmarterSign we have had a strong focus on service. Our knowledgeable and friendly digital signage experts are ready to support your every need.

Toll-free Live Support
Knowledgeable US based staff you can actually talk to.

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Communicate with our expert staff via email.

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Self-Service Knowledge Base
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Digital Signage Software designed to meet the needs of your industry

Each industry has specific needs in content creation and scheduling. SmarterSign has the tools and expertise to help you get the most out of your network.
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How does SmarterSign digital signage work?

The SmarterSign platform is comprised of the three following components: SmarterSign Manager provides a complete end-to-end cloud based tool set for managing every aspect of your digital signage network. Add this to a Digital Signage Player and a Display of any kind and that is all it takes.

SmarterSign Manager – Our award winning browser-based tool for managing all aspects of your digital signage. Designed for users of any skill level and powerful enough for any business.

Digital Signage Player (sometimes called a media player – A computer (usually pretty small) that is connected to your displays and controls the playback of content. This is connected to the Internet so it can “talk” with SmarterSign Manager.

Digital Signage Displays – These are the screens that will show your content. Digital signs can be any size from small screens outside a conference room to large billboards on the side of the highway.

How much does it cost?

SmarterSign has flexible pricing and plans to meet the budgetary needs of every size business. There are two primary aspects of our fee structure:

Initial Deployment Cost – These are the fees associated with launching your digital signage. There are no initial licensing fees so the only fees you should anticipate are the cost of the Digital Signage Player(s) and the cost of the Digital Signage Displays.

Ongoing Service and Support – SmarterSign charges a fee associated with the use of the platform and all of the service and support associated with ongoing operation. These fees typically cover everything you need from SmarterSign to keep you system working properly. Fees can be paid either monthly or on a longer term (annually or multi-year). Discounts are provided with longer term agreements.

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