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Digital Signage Software For Restaurants

Easy Creation Tools Help Anyone Create a Masterpiece

Within minutes even a complete novice can create beautiful digital signage content. Our drag-and-drop content editor lets you quickly create and publish beautiful and powerful messages. Whether you are an experienced designer or have no experience at all, SmarterSign can help you create like an expert. In fact, most users of the system have little or no design or technical background.

Powerful Enough to Meet the Needs of Any Type of Business

Drag-and-drop widgets allow you to add all types of content from a simple text box to live data from any data source. Whether you want to show flight data or customer wait times, SmarterSign has an easy and powerful solution for you. The platform is extremely flexible and designed to adapt to the constantly changing needs of the market.

Digital Signage Dynamic Content

The right solution for your business couldn't be easier.

Digital Menu Boards

Digital Menu Boards

Create visually stunning digital menu boards without needing a graphics designer

Corporate Communications

Digital Signage Corporate Communications

Easily schedule and display your messaging to communicate within your business

Digital Billboards (DOOH)

Digital Billboard DooH

Control Digital Billboards of any size with powerful creation, scheduling & reporting.

How does it all work?

The SmarterSign platform is comprised of the three following components: SmarterSign Manager provides a complete end-to-end cloud based tool set for managing every aspect of your digital signage network. Add this to a Digital Signage Player and a Display of any kind and that is all it takes.

SmarterSign Manager

Digital Signage Integration

Our award winning browser-based tool for managing all aspects of your digital signage. Designed for users of any skill level and powerful enough for any business.

Digital Signage Player

Digital Signage Player Hardware

A computer (usually pretty small) that is connected to your displays and controls the playback of content. This is connected to the Internet so it can “talk” with SmarterSign Manager.

Digital Signage Displays

Digital Signage Displays

These are the screens that will show your content. Digital signs can be any size from small screens outside a conference room to large billboards on the side of the highway.

Any Size Business

Whether you are a small business with one location or a multi-national with locations all over the world, SmarterSign has a solution for you.

Easy to Use

Since the very first version of SmarterSign, we have always focused on giving you complete control.
Ease of use is at the heart of the system.

Budget Friendly

We offer products and pricing that make it easy and affordable for any size business to get up and running, without breaking the bank.

Easy to Deploy

SmarterSign can be deployed in your business faster than you think. We take the complexity out of digital signage and let you focus on creating value.

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