SmarterSign Digital Signage Player

Every Screen Deserves To Be A SmarterSign Digital Sign At Some Point

SmarterSign Player offers an incredibly flexible playback  tool for even the most demanding digital signage. If you can imagine it, SmarterSign Player can do it!

Unlimited Flexibility

Easy To Configure

Divide your screens how you want to create independently controllable areas. You can divide one screen into multiple areas or even span content across screens.

Layer Content with Real-Time Rendering

Independent areas are layered by the playback engine to provide creative flexibility for any type or presentation. Final playback appears like one seamless creative thought.

Hardware and Software Options

Divide your screens how you want to create independently controllable areas. You can divide one screen into multiple areas or even span content across screens.

A Proven Playback Platform

Detailed proof-of-playback can be captured for each time individual media spots or content is played. This allows customers who are monetizing the platform with advertising revenue to provide detailed reporting to their advertisers.

What is available with proof-of-playback?

  • Adhoc reporting on all playback on all screens
  • Easy association of media, content, and advertisers
  • Total plays, dwell time, playback time, locations

SmarterSign Player Hardware and OS Options

Windows offers a wide range of options as a SmarterSign Player. This platform offers the largest selection of hardware platforms to select from and many options in capability and price range.


Windows is a mature platform and there are many types of devices that are readily available. Many Windows devices allow for the control of multiple screens off a single SmarterSign Player.

BrightSign is one of the industry leaders in Digital Signage Player devices. You have probably see one of these bright purple boxes hanging on the back of a display. Make your Bright Sign even Smarter!


The BrightSign platform is based on Linux and is a dedicated solution for digital signage without the overhead and security considerations of the Windows operating system.

If you want to control a digital sign without an external computing device, Samsung SmartTV may be a great option for you. With nothing else but one of these screens you can easily be up and running.


With the Samsung SmartTV option you can simplify your installations by having no external Player device. The built-in Tizen based solution is a great option for simplifying deployments.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get SmarterSign Player?

Getting SmarterSign Player running on your device depends on the type of operating system you are installing on.  For Windows based installations you will us our installer application. For BrightSign you can download the entire application onto a micro SSD and install it directly in the BrightSign device. For Samsung SmartTV you can download and install the SmarterSign Player from the Samsung App store.

What happens if I lose my Internet connection?

There is no need to worry if your Internet connection goes out.  All of the content, media, composition instructions and schedule information is stored locally on the SmarterSign Player. Your content will continue to playback even without Internet. Once the Internet connection is restored, any changes that have been published will automatically be retrieved.

How many displays can I control with a SmarterSign Player?

The SmarterSign Player is completely flexible when it comes to playback control. The number of independent screens you can control depends on your hardware capability. There are Windows based devices that can control one, two, or four independent displays. Configuration and control of how your content is scheduled and displayed is easily done in the SmarterSign Manager application.