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The world can come at you fast. Digital Menu Boards from SmarterSign make it easy for you
to get the most out of your restaurant… And for less than you think.

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Digital Menu Board Templates

Join the thousands of restaurants who are adapting in real-time with SmarterSign

Easily Create Beautiful Digital Menus

Full featured design tool lets you create and edit your Digital Menu Boards

You can take complete control of your content. Our easy to use tools enable a user of any skill level to get the job done quickly.

What you need to know!

Key Content Creation Features

Learn in minutes

Even an end-user with basic computer skills can become a power user of SmarterSign. The tools were designed to be learned in less than ten minutes.

Widgets make it a snap

Drag-and-drop all sort of content to create engaging and rich presentations. Everything from basic text boxes to advanced elements like slide shows and dynamic data.

Start with one of our templates

Not a designer? No problem! You can start your menus from one of our hundreds of our fully customizable templates. Make your menus beautiful.

Schedule Your Digital Menu Boards In Seconds

Schedule your menus and promos to play when and where you want

Playlists allow you to maximize your bottom line by taking advantage of day-parts, week-parts and more.

Key Schedule Features

Key Schedule Features

The right content at the right time

Getting the best results with Digital Menu Boards is about having your menus adjust automatically to the opportunities. Playlists let you easily achieve this result.

Just like a television schedule

All scheduling is done on Channels so that you can have any screen on your network set to watch the same content. This flexibility allows you to scale easily.

Advanced scheduling

Need advanced control of your schedules? Our advanced scheduler allows you to control content based on time slots with detailed control over every element.


"The Complete Guide To Digital Menu Boards"

We share our 15 years of digital menu board expertise in this easy to understand guide. We walk you through everything involved with going digital so you can make a informed decisions and avoid common mistakes. 

"SmarterSign's Digital Menu Boards have helped us engage customers and increase sales with little effort. We continue to deploy SmarterSign to all our new restaurants."

Dave F.

Technical Director

– Customer Since 2008

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