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Digital Menu Boards

Digital Menu Board Excellence

Digital Menu Boards from SmarterSign are the perfect solution for restaurants of any kind. The digital signage solution offers an easy, cost effective and powerful method for food service business owners and managers to maximize their communication with customers. Effective communication at the point of sale is critical to getting the most value out of each and every visit. Don't forget the value of your digital window displays.  Increase traffic into your restaurant by displaying some eye-catching promotional items or menu details from your restaurant windows.  SmarterSign makes it simple for you to take complete control of your menu boards.

How SmarterSign Helps Restaurants

Our team can give you advice on placement, display, call to action, and usability when it comes to digital menu boards.  Want to know more about how Digital Menu Boards from SmarterSign can help your business? Download our whitepaper now!

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    Key Features of SmarterSign Digital Menu Boards

    • Easy to use web based tool allows you to quickly manage your menus from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.
    • Digital Menu Boards allow you to rotate promotional offers instantly, allowing you to rotate specials each day with little effort.
    • Rich selection of digital signage templates in the Premium Content Library for any menu board
      need (Promotions, Specials, Meals and many more).
    • Schedule content by day part, day of the week and more to maximize revenue and
      provide clear communication of the items available at any given time.
    • Quickly change the order, pricing and menu items based on availability, variable costs and perishable nature of products.
    • Engage customers with beautiful food images, animations, and video to present your products with high impact.
    • Manage content once and distribute it to multiple locations with a click of a button.