Helping Businesses of Every Size Get There Messages Across With Digital Signage

Easily get your message across throughout your corporate offices

Full featured design tool lets you create and edit your office messaging

You can take complete control of your communications. Our easy to use tools enable a user of any skill level to get the job done quickly.

What you need to know!

  • WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) Editing tool
  • Drag-and-drop functionality for images, text and more
  • Start from scratch or from one of our completely customizable templates

Key Content Creation Features

Learn in minutes

SmarterSign makes it easy to become an expert without the need for design or technical skills. The tools were designed to be learned in less than ten minutes.

Widgets make it a snap

Drag-and-drop all sort of content to create engaging and rich presentations. Everything from basic text boxes to advanced elements like slide shows and dynamic data.

Start with one of our templates

Not a designer? No problem! You can start your creations from one of our hundreds of our fully customizable templates. Make beautiful content with very little effort.

Corporate Communication Scheduling Made Easy

Schedule your content to play when and where you want

Playlists allow you to control the details of when each one of your message is presented and where.

Key Schedule Features

  • Set the date and time range for when your content will play
  • Create playlists with drag-and-drop ease
  • Advanced scheduling tools help you accomplish an infinite number of scheduling options

Key Schedule Features

The right content at the right time

Getting the best results is about having your content change automatically based on when you need to get your point across. Playlists let you easily achieve this result.

Just like a television schedule

All scheduling is done on Channels so that you can have any screen on your network set to watch the same content. This flexibility allows you to scale easily.

Advanced scheduling

Need advanced control of your schedules? Our advanced scheduler allows you to control content based on time slots with detailed control over every element.

Businesses of all sizes are recognizing the value of digital signage for communicating with employees, customers, and visitors. SmarterSign is helping companies deploy corporate digital signage in both public and private environments to help communicate more dynamically. Whether in your lobby or your break room, SmarterSign can help you put the right sign solution in place. Visit our Client Gallery to see how corporations have used SmarterSign in their location.

Key Features of SmarterSign for
Corporate Communications

  • Easy to use web based tool allows you to quickly manage your menus from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.
  • Rich selection of digital signage templates in the Premium Content Library for any menu board need (Promotions, Specials, Meals and many more).
  • Schedule content by day part, day of the week and more to maximize revenue and provide clear communication of the items available at any given time.
  • Quickly change the order, pricing and menu items based on availability, variable costs and perishable nature of products.
  • Engage customers with beautiful food images, animations, and video to present your products with high impact.
  • Manage content once and distribute it to multiple locations with a click of a

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