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Frequently Asked Digital Signage Questions

Digital Signage 101

It is important to SmarterSign that you have all the information you need to make a good decision. The following list of frequently asked questions has been compiled to help you:

What Is Digital Signage?

This term refers to a category of communication that incorporates the control and presentation of information on digital displays. These displays can range from small screens in a brick and mortar business location all the way up to large displays like the ones you see in Times Square, New York City. The key concepts are that you can control and change content that includes images, videos and animations to create an engaging and powerful consumer experience. SmarterSign focuses on sign software for the control of screen in brick and mortar businesses such as restaurants, schools, hospitals, hotels, retail stores and more.

What Is Included In SmarterSign Digital Solutions?

SmarterSign Digital Solutions combine hardware and software specifically designed for creating a high-quality communication experience. The platform consists of two components, SmarterSign Player and SmarterSign Manager.
SmarterSign Player is the software and hardware that controls your digital signs. SmarterSign player software controls the entire playback of digital content, and connects with SmarterSign Manager for updates and monitoring.
SmarterSign Manager provides all of the tools necessary to easily and quickly manage your signs. This secure application allows you to monitor and control every aspect from any computer with an Internet connection.
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Do I Have To Buy The SmarterSign Player Hardware?

SmarterSign Standard is a turnkey system that is a combination of hardware and software. The combination of software and hardware in SmarterSign Standard provides a system that can deliver the performance required for demanding media requirements. SmarterSign has performed thousands of hours of testing to make sure your the SmarterSign Standard system is both powerful and reliable.

Can I Connect More Than One Screen To Each Player?

The current SmarterSign configuration supports one player powering up to two screens. The SmarterSign player allows you to have different content on two screens without the need for additional hardware.

What Are The Ongoing Fees For The SmarterSign Platform?

The only ongoing fee for the SmarterSign platform is a service and support contract that is calculated on a per screen basis. The ongoing service and support fee includes data hosting, data feeds, system monitoring, support, software upgrades and access to the Premium Content Library. Some of the content in the Premium Content Library is free to use as part of the ongoing fees.

Is Installation Included?

SmarterSign does not provide installation services. SmarterSign Standard includes remote support for the connection and setup of each player. SmarterSign Express provides Web based support for configuring the system.
Physical installation of either SmarterSign Standard or SmarterSign Express can easily be done by a business owner or general contractor. For larger integrations, SmarterSign can recommend an installation partner for the physical installation of the network.

How Difficult Is It To Manage My Digital Signs?

One of the significant benefits of the SmarterSign system is the ease of use. SmarterSign Manager was designed to provide business owners with an easy and powerful method for managing their signage network. The typical learning curve for learning the system is 15 minutes. SmarterSign provides training for every customer as well as self-help tools for using the system.

Can I Add My Own Images And Video?

The SmarterSign system allows you to easily add and manage images, animations and videos to your digital signage. Placement of content is as easy as dragging and dropping items from your library onto a content template.