Welcome to our comprehensive guide on digital signage, where we will delve into the world of effective visual communication. We provide a detailed understanding of digital signage and its various aspects. So, let’s dive in and unlock the potential of digital signage together! It is important to SmarterSign that you have all the information you need to make a good decision. The following list of frequently asked questions has been compiled to help you:

What is Digital Signage?

Digital signage refers to the use of digital displays, such as LCD, LED, or projection screens, to convey information, messages, and advertisements to a targeted audience. Unlike traditional static signage, digital signage utilizes dynamic content that can be easily updated and customized in real-time. This technology enables businesses to capture attention, engage viewers, and deliver relevant messages with greater flexibility and impact.

In the modern era, digital signage has become an integral part of the retail industry, corporate environments, hospitality venues, educational institutions, transportation hubs, and many other sectors. Its versatility and adaptability make it an indispensable tool for effective communication and brand promotion.

SmarterSign focuses on sign software that puts businesses in complete control of screens both inside and outside of brick and mortar businesses such as restaurants, schools, hospitals, hotels, retail stores and more.

What are the elements that make up Digital Signage?

To create a successful digital signage network, several components need to work together seamlessly. Let’s explore the key elements involved:

Display Screens

Display screens are the core component of digital signage. These can be LCD panels, LED displays, video walls, or projection screens, depending on the requirements of your setup. High-quality screens ensure optimal visual impact and readability of the displayed content. Consider factors such as screen size, resolution, and brightness to suit the viewing environment and audience.

Media Players

Media players are responsible for powering and displaying content on the screens. These devices can be standalone units or integrated within the display screens. Media players receive content from a content management system (This is what SmarterSign provides) and play it back based on the schedule you create. They ensure smooth playback and synchronization of multimedia elements, such as videos, images, text, and live data elements such as weather or social media. These devices are the work bee of the system and once set up usually are never touched or seen. Their only job in life is to play back what they have been told.

SmarterSign Player is the software and hardware that controls your digital signs in the SmarterSign system. SmarterSign player software controls the entire playback of digital content, and connects with SmarterSign Manager for updates and monitoring. In the SmarterSign system all content playing back on your screen is downloaded to the SmarterSign Player so that they don’t rely on real-time Internet connection for playback. This includes all of the media, composition instructions and playback schedules. If Internet connection is lost at any point, your SmarterSign digital signage should continue to play without any interruption.

Content Management System (CMS)

A robust CMS serves as the central hub for managing and distributing content across your digital signage network. It allows you to create, schedule, and update content effortlessly. An intuitive CMS simplifies the content creation process, ensuring consistency and control over your displays. With a CMS, you can remotely manage multiple screens, organize content into playlists, and apply scheduling rules to display specific content at predetermined times. It also provides analytics and reporting capabilities to track the performance and effectiveness of your signage campaigns.

In the SmarterSign system, SmarterSign Manager provides all of the tools necessary to easily and quickly manage your signs. This secure application allows you to monitor and control every aspect from any computer with an Internet connection. This tool includes a robust design tool with drag-and-drop tools to create rich and engaging content. All content development is done in a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) design environment. If you have ever used any design tool you will quickly recognize many of the tools and metaphors used in SmarterSign Manager.

SmarterSign Manager also includes hundreds of professionally designed templates that are completely customizable. This valuable resource makes it incredibly easy to create beautiful content for any communication need.

Why Use Digital Signage?

Digital Signage is an extremely valuable way to control your messaging and communication. Here are just a few of the key reasons why Digital Signage is superior to traditional static signage:

Captivating Visual Experiences

One of the primary advantages of digital signage is its ability to captivate viewers with visually appealing content. With vibrant colors, high-definition displays, and eye-catching animations, digital signage stands out in any environment. It attracts attention, enhances brand recall, and creates memorable experiences that leave a lasting impression on customers.

Dynamic and Real-Time Updates

Unlike traditional signage, digital displays allow for dynamic and real-time updates. Whether you need to display promotions, announce upcoming events, or share important information, digital signage empowers you to make instant changes. This flexibility enables businesses to stay relevant, respond to market trends, and deliver timely messages that resonate with their target audience.

Targeted Messaging

Digital signage offers the ability to deliver targeted messages to specific locations and audiences at the most effective time. Through effective scheduling of content, businesses can tailor their content to meet the preferences and needs of their viewers. SmarterSign offers one of the most robust schedulers on the market to enable highly granular control of this aspect of your digital signage.

Cost-Effective and Sustainable

While initial setup costs may be a consideration, digital signage proves to be cost-effective in the long run. Compared to traditional print signage, digital displays eliminate the need for printing and distribution expenses. Additionally, digital content reduces waste and promotes sustainability by minimizing paper usage. These factors contribute to a positive environmental impact and cost savings over time.

What Does Digital Signage Cost?


Displays or screens are typically the most expensive part of your digital signage. Depending on the requirements of your screens, you could spend as little as a few hundred dollars, or you could spend many thousands of dollars. Typically the most expensive screens are for outdoor use with large LED billboards being by far the most expensive.

Media Players

The computing power to control your screens is typically the second most expensive element of your digital signage. In this category you can pay between several hundred dollars for a simple device that controls one screen up to a couple thousand dollars for a powerful computer that controls multiple screens.

Do I Have To Buy The SmarterSign Player Hardware?

The answer is very simple.  Whatever makes it easier for you to get up and running. We can provide you with a turnkey system that is a combination of hardware and software. The combination of software and hardware in SmarterSign Standard provides a system that can deliver the performance required for demanding media requirements.

If you want to run SmarterSign Player on your own hardware that is not a problem. We are here to help in any way you need

Software (Content Management)

Most digital signage companies charge ongoing fees for the use of their services. The only ongoing fee for the SmarterSign platform is a service and support contract that is calculated on a per license basis. Each license is an instance of the SmarterSign Player software running on a device. Depending on the device you are using, you may be able to control more than one unique display on a single SmarterSign Player license. The ongoing service and support fee includes data hosting, data feeds, system monitoring, support, software upgrades and access to the Premium Content Library.