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Design Tips for Digital Menu Boards

4 January 2017 Gregg Leave a comment Uncategorized

Now that you’ve made the commitment to digital menu boards, you should follow best practices for good design.  No designer on staff?  No problem.  SmarterSign provides clients with hundreds of professionally designed templates to make the design process easier. In addition to our templates, here are some suggestions when designing your menu boards. Create your […]

Make Your Digital Menu Boards Great Again

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If your restaurant has been using digital menu boards for awhile, great!  Most likely, you’ve already seen a return on your investment.  One of the benefits of digital menu boards is the ability to test ideas quickly and see the impact on your profit and sales. Experts from Technomic & editors from RestaurantBusinessOnline recently outlined […]

5 Benefits of Digital Menu Boards

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Digital menu boards offer an easy and cost effective method for restaurants to maximize communication and efficiency. Digital signage offers you the ability to create, manage, and control your content in the most effective way.  The key is to follow a plan to create real, measurable value through your strategy. Thinking about making the move […]

Digital Signage Software and How Small Businesses Can Benefit

28 February 2015 Gregg Leave a comment Uncategorized

Very often, I get the question “Who uses your digital signage software?” The short answer? Just about any business who wants to get a message out to their customers. Our customers range from Fortune 500 companies to mom and pop shops which keeps things interesting. Since 2006 we’ve had the pleasure of working with some […]

Digital Signage, A Revolution in Communication?

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Once again we are seeing a revolution in how consumers are interacting with information. This revolution is taking place out in the open with the growing use of  <a href=”https://www.smartersign.com”>Digital Signs</a>. During the past 30 years we have seen several revolutions in the way consumers interact with information. The personal computer changed the way we […]

Dollar signs on your menus could be costing you money

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When designing a restaurant menu for a QSR, Fast Casual or any other type of restaurant, there are many things to consider. One of the things that restaurants may never think of as important, is how to display their prices. A study done at Cornell University School of Hotel Administration, shows why this can be […]

Business lessons from my one year old son

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A couple of weeks ago my eleven and a half month old son completely opened my eyes up to the future. He was sitting on my wife’s lap and with a smooth and easy gesture, swiped his thumb across my wife’s iPhone to unlock it. We couldn’t believe our eyes so we locked the phone […]

Take Control Now!

28 February 2015 Gregg 7 Comments Uncategorized

For most of you it took a lot of hard work and elbow grease to get your business off the ground. Often spending late nights burning the candle at both ends, making critical decisions on budgets and staff, and pouring everything you have into making it a success. Your business is your baby and your […]