Clover POS Digital Menu Boards

Integrate your Digital Menus with your
Clover POS

Provide real-time connectivity between your POS and your Digital Menu Boards with easy to use and intuitive tools

Get connected today. It’s fast and easy

Changes in your Clover POS will automatically and instantly be reflected in your digital menu boards. Keeping pricing consistent and current couldn’t be easier.

Easy to connect and control

Easily connect any item in your Clover catalog to the items in your SmarterSign Menu. Once the connection is made, your POS becomes the source for each of those elements.

Real-time updates

The Clover API allows SmarterSign to get real-time updates whenever catalog changes are made. There is nothing else you need to do to have your menus update.

Adapt to changes quickly

Increase profitability by making changes quickly when market conditions change. Take control of your business quickly and easily!

Clover POS order confirmation direct to your digital drive thru

Integrate your Clover order confirmation directly into your drive through display. Create the best customer experience and take advantage of all of the benefits of an integrated solution.

The benefits are clear

  • Improve order accuracy by showing each item and all of the details of each order
  • Customize upsell and cross-sell to promote bundles and increase average order ticket
  • Personalize each customer experience for a more dynamic and modern experience.