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Five Benefits Digital Menu Boards

Digital menu boards offer an easy and cost effective method for restaurants to maximize communication and efficiency. Digital signage offers you the ability to create, manage, and control your content in the most effective way.  The key is to follow a plan to create real, measurable value through your strategy.  If you are unsure about making the move to digital then read these five benefits of digital menu boards.

1. Easily Update Content on Digital Menu Boards

Quickly change the order, pricing, and specials based on availability and variable cost.  Do you own or manage multiple locations? Update your menus

across all locations in seconds…it’s easy, efficient, and smarter.  Restaurant owners have seen a 5-8% increase in revenue from digital menu boards.

2. Highlight Promotions and Upsell

Increase sales of high-margin items by testing specials, promotions, LTOs (limited time offers) with no overhead cost.  You can test different imagery, order, and pricing to see what impacts your profit.

3. Day-parting makes the most use of your space

Easily customize your menu boards for the breakfast, lunch, and dinner crowds. Showcase promotional content or specials based on time of day. You’ll maximize revenue and provide clear communication of the items available at any given time.

4. Reduce Perceived Wait Times

Engage your customers and promote menu boards with engaging content. Digital signage reduces the perceived wait time by as much as 35 percent. Keep them engaged with video, moving imagery, and feeds like weather, news, etc.

5. Long Term Cost Savings

Digital menu boards reduce costs and are more environmentally friendly. Print signs require the burden of re-printing, shipping, posting, and disposal each time a change is required.  While there may be a higher up-front cost to digital menu boards, there is a long term cost savings to this investment.  88.5% of business recoup their digital menu board investment in less than 2 years. 

About the Author

Gregg Zinn
Gregg co-founded SmarterSign in 2006. As CEO of SmarterSign, he has one mission of putting business owners in complete control of their digital signage. He has been creating innovative technology solutions for almost 30 years for some of the biggest brands in the world. After all these years, still loves the thrill of doing something new and great.


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