How Digital Signage Improves Corporate Communications

Miscommunication can happen easily in our day-to-day lives. But what about when it starts to affect business? Things would be a lot easier if communication were streamlined into a single dynamic tool that can modified easily. By centralizing important information in one place, communication becomes more effective. Through the use of digital signage, you can distribute important information when and where it’s needed most. Here are some of the great ways SmarterSign clients are currently using digital signage to improve corporate communications:

Share important information

With digital signage, you can display company announcements, news, and updates easily. Plus, you can remind employees of important things like training opportunities and safety guidelines. You can also acknowledge employees for their birthdays, work anniversaries, or specific achievements, which can to improve morale. Digital signage in key locations such as the cafeteria, lobby or break room provides a highly visible way to engage colleagues, visitors and clients.

Display data dashboards

With the integration of digital signage for corporate communications, departments are able to collaborate more easily. This is especially true when you utilize the software to show key metrics teams need for success. The ability to integrate real-time information into your content keeps everyone up to date on the most time sensitive information. We have seen this type of data used for everything from sales metrics to job openings and more.

Calendars and Schedules

Another thing digital signage can make a breeze is calendars and schedules. With calendars, you can display things like project deadlines, conferences, and other important events. With schedules, you can manage things like meeting rooms to streamline management and avoid conflicts before they happen. This is another area where live data integration can make it easy for information to always be up-to-date and relevant.

Display useful information

Help employees organize their day by using digital signage to communicate important information that impacts their lives. This can include information such as live traffic to prepare for trips to clients or commutes, or live weather to remind people to dress appropriately. You can also include news updates that could help inform your staff about your industry, local affairs or world matters. 

Enhance team-building

Team-building can be enhanced by using digital signage. Some of the uses we have seen include welcoming new employees, staff vacation stories, and countdowns to retirement. Other options include social media content and customer reviews so that staff can see the positive impact they are making in real-time. 

No matter what you choose to do with your digital signage, employees are more likely to remember and engage with the information when presented in a dynamic way on your screens. With these options alone, productivity is boosted, safety is improved, and engagement is enhanced. Digital signage is a very cost effective solution for distribution of information that is critical to the success of your business. By digitizing your corporate communications, you can make things easier for executives and employees alike.