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How To Manage a Multi-Location Digital Menu Board Rollout

Today, we’re going to talk about what’s involved with a digital menu boards rollout across multiple locations.  If you are a restaurant brand with plans on implementing digital menu boards across a number of locations, then this video is for you.  We’re going to talk about the best ways to organize and execute the rollout from concept to installation and all the steps in between.

Identifying Points of Contact

Let’s start with the basics.  A well defined organizational chart with the appropriate points of contact is necessary.  This might be a bit of an overlap or an extension of a document you already have in place.  You need to establish clear roles to define who is responsible for each part of the operation.. [list them] menu design process, technical questions, coordinating training and on-site operations like installation and maintenance. Clear lines of communication ensure much smoother operations and faster resolutions to issues.

Standardization of Hardware

When using standardized hardware, businesses can expect a consistent level of quality and performance across all locations. The displays will have the same brightness, contrast, and resolution and the media players will offer similar playback quality. This uniformity ensures that customers receive the same experience, regardless of which location they visit. 

Installation Best Practices

The first step is a thorough site assessment for each location. It’s important to pick a spot for the menu boards that not only offers the best visibility to your audience but takes into account other considerations like proximity to an oven or glare from windows or lighting. Additionally, don’t overlook the behind-the-scenes aspects; you’ll need to ensure the location has the necessary electrical wiring, a reliable internet connection, and solid structural support to accommodate your digital signage. And if you’re thinking of an outdoor setup, always take into account the environment. Direct sunlight, possible moisture, and fluctuating temperatures can impact your hardware choice. The right hardware in the right location can make all the difference.

Brand Consistency

A consistent brand voice speaks volumes.   In a perfect world you would have a single uniform menu with uniform pricing  across all locations but just not reality.  It’s a balancing act – maintaining core brand elements and menu items while having flexibility with the menu design and items.  Certain locations may have a slightly different menu so it’s important that your digital menu board designs can allow for such variations. The SmarterSign platform can handle these variations in several ways depending on what works best for the organization.  Localization of pricing and items, POS integration, multi tiered permissions or any combination of these make this possible.

Cloud Based Software

When it comes to managing digital menu boards across multiple locations, the most effective approach uses cloud-based digital signage software. The main reason is centralized control. This software allows for updates to menu items, promotions, and prices to be made from a single point and automatically disseminated one or more locations. This is especially beneficial for making quick adjustments in real time or planning changes such as new menu items and promotions in advance. Also, it eliminates the need to manually update each menu board on site, reducing the burden on local teams and ensures that the menus have the desired content.  Finally, scalability is a crucial factor. As your business grows, you can easily rollout to new locations without the need for extensive adjustments or additional infrastructure.  


A tool is only as effective as its user. Ensuring that all users are familiar with the digital menu board system is crucial. The SmarterSign platform is designed to be user-friendly, and we take that one step further with web based training, comprehensive guides and robust phone, email and chat support.  

The Pilot Program

Before diving into a full-fledged rollout, it’s usually best to test the waters. Starting with a pilot program in a limited number of restaurants allows businesses to tweak their operational workflow, identify potential bottlenecks, and ensure maximum effectiveness. It’s about learning, adapting, and then scaling.


Managing digital menu boards across multiple locations is a bit of an art and science that blends technology, strategy, and efficient communication. At SmarterSign, we have been helping restaurants with their digital menu board rollouts since 2006..  You can schedule a free consultation and strategy session with myself or one of the digital signage experts at SmarterSign.