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The Magic of Day Parting for Digital Menu Boards

Imagine walking into a restaurant for breakfast and being greeted with a menu filled with mouthwatering images of omelets, pancakes, and freshly brewed coffee. Now envision coming back for dinner to discover a menu showcasing succulent steaks, gourmet salads, and signature cocktails. This transformation is made possible by the ability to customize your digital menu boards to cater to the business opportunities at specific times of the day. This aspect of restaurant management (sometimes called “Day Parting”) is one of the greatest benefits of digital menu boards. 

Understanding how your business opportunity and your customer needs change through the day, week, month and year is critical to maximizing the value you can provide.  Think about the following scenarios and how they would relate to your menus.  Remember that menus are not just about showing your customers your products, but also actively marketing them.

Think about the following scenarios and the menu marketing opportunities they create:

Mornings are all about energy and efficiency. Whether it’s early risers looking for a quick bite before work or families seeking a hearty breakfast, tailoring your digital menu boards to the breakfast crowd can be a game-changer. Highlighting items like breakfast sandwiches, yogurt parfaits, and freshly squeezed juices can entice customers to start their day off on the right foot at your establishment.

Pro Tip – Utilize dynamic visuals such as videos of crafting a perfect cup of coffee or the preparation of a delicious morning platter. Incorporating these elements can create a sensory experience that resonates with customers and establishes your restaurant as a go-to breakfast spot.

As the day progresses, people’s needs and schedules change. The lunch rush presents an opportunity to appeal to those looking for a satisfying yet efficient meal. Use your digital menu boards to promote lunch specials, combo deals, and express options that cater to the busy crowd. Incorporate bold colors and attention-grabbing animations to make your offerings stand out.

Consider displaying estimated wait times for different dishes, helping customers make quicker decisions during their lunch breaks. Additionally, if your restaurant offers online ordering, prominently feature this option on your digital menu boards to streamline the process for both dine-in and takeout customers.

Evenings call for a more relaxed and indulgent dining experience. Your digital menu boards can create a sense of anticipation by showcasing premium dishes, appetizer samplers, and specialty cocktails. Use elegant typography and high-quality images to evoke the ambiance of a sophisticated evening out.

Pro Tip – Try to incorporate storytelling into your menu displays, sharing the origins and inspirations behind signature dishes. Engage customers’ curiosity and make them feel like they are embarking on a culinary journey when they choose your restaurant for dinner.

During transition times, such as the switch from breakfast to lunch, customers may need to be guided through changes in the menu offerings. Implement a brief interlude with rotating images of the day’s transition from one set of dishes to another. This not only informs customers about the upcoming menu but also adds an element of excitement to their dining experience. It also prevents customers who intended to order off of one menu from getting irritated since they will be able to see the change as it’s happening. This is easily done with the drag-and-drop schedule tool that’s used to quickly build playlists and broadcast them to your digital signs. Just remember to maintain a consistent visual identity that aligns with your restaurant’s brand while tailoring content to different times of the day. This ensures a cohesive and memorable experience for your customers. 

SmarterSign provides a great deal of flexibility for scheduling content across a network of any size. Advanced scheduling, one of the key scheduling features that SmarterSign offers, allows you to keep your menu content fresh by regularly updating it to reflect seasonal changes, new dishes, and limited-time offers. Businesses who understand how to leverage this power are the most successful in generating results from their digital menu boards. 

Remember this key tip

Tailoring your digital menu boards to different times of the day is a strategy that can significantly enhance the customer experience and drive sales. By understanding your customer’s needs and preferences during various hours, you can curate content that resonates with them on a deeper level. Utilize engaging visuals, and leverage technology to create a dining experience that keeps customers coming back for more.