Top 5 Industry Uses for Digital Signage Today

In the ever-evolving landscape of communication and advertising, digital signage has emerged as a powerful tool that revolutionizes how businesses engage with their audience. With vibrant displays, dynamic content, and endless possibilities, digital signage has become an indispensable part of various industries, enhancing customer experiences and driving business growth.

Digital Menu Boards

Digital signage affords you the opportunity to create, manage, and control your menu board in an easy and cost effective way. One very powerful example is how businesses can schedule changes on their screens between breakfast and lunch menu items. Other ways restaurants use digital menu boards is to quickly make changes to their menu, share nutritional information with customers, and advertise LTO items, which can help restaurants to upsell and cross-sell items to customers.

Not only does digital signage software make the customer experiences convenient by simplifying menu updates, but it also saves the company money on printing menus. Digital menu boards are growing in popularity for both indoor and outdoor (Digital Drive Thru) every day because of the significant value they bring to business.

Corporate Communications

There are various ways that businesses can use corporate digital signage to their advantage. One of the ways companies can use digital signage to reach their customers is by placing welcome signage in reception areas. Another great way is to  strategically place digital signage to inform employees of recent office events, training opportunities, and weather and traffic updates to help them plan their days. We have seen digital signage used to display KPI, sales goals, and other data dashboards to encourage employees to meet deadlines. There is no more effective way to keep employees, customers, and guests informed with real-time information than digital signage.

Digital out of Home

Digital out of home is a growing category of digital signage. Sometimes called DooH, this category is the digital billboards and other advertising based screens that you see on the side of the highway, in shopping malls and more.. By using DooH media, your company will be able to amplify its message and brand awareness by deliberately placing advertisements in public transportation hubs and roadside billboards.. One of the best things about DooH media is that it is possible to measure the impact and ROI of the campaigns that use the digital signage based on location data, brand lift, foot traffic, online conversions, and sales lift. Taking advantage of these opportunities is becoming easier every day. Companies such as Vistar Media are making it possible for companies of every size to get involved in advertising through DooH signage. SmarterSign integrates with platforms such as Vistar Media to bring this functionality to life for our customers.


When it comes to the hotels, resorts, and the rest of the hospitality industry, guest experience is critical. This means that stakeholders need to embrace technological advancements like digital signage to be able to deliver a unique and unforgettable experience to guests. Not only can digital signage offer digital concierge stations, digital directories, and digital menu boards, but it can also highlight nearby attractions and promote other services in and near your business. Some of the examples we have seen are guided tours, car rental services, and retail shopping centers. By using hospitality digital signage, your establishment is able to transform into a luxurious and tech-forward facility, setting itself apart from the competition. 


The biggest threat to brick-and-mortar retailers is the rise of online shopping,  maintaining customer loyalty, supply chain disruptions, and changing customer expectations. Thankfully, the choice to use digital signage can improve communication between customers and employees in physical stores. Now that modern consumers expect a personalized and individual experience every time they shop at one of your locations, the use of eye-catching animations and dynamic content on high-quality screens will begin to attract customers to enter your establishment, and then fun visuals once inside the store will enhance the customer experience. Other ways retail digital signage can encourage shoppers and help employees is by displaying price information, product benefits, and discounts. If your store has a self-checkout section, digital signage can even be utilized to upsell and cross-sell products and display impulse purchase items to increase sales..

As technology continues to evolve, digital signage stands out as a dynamic and versatile tool that transforms the way businesses and industries communicate with their target audiences. By leveraging this innovative technology, organizations can enhance customer engagement, streamline operations, and create memorable experiences that leave a lasting impression in today’s fast-paced, digitally-driven world.